Full Scale Test Rig for NSHEV

The aerodynamic free area of NSHEV (= natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators) has to be determined according to EN 12101-2 using full scale or model scale ventilators without and with simulated wind influence. The test rigs for these measurements have been designed by I.F.I. A schematic of the test rig for full scale tests is shown below.

The NSHEV is mounted on a turntable integrated in the ceiling of a specially designed settling chamber. Due to the settling chamber arrangement the flow from a large room, i. e. without wall distrubances, is simulated. The nozzle has a width of 4 m and a height of  2.5 m. The mean velocity in the nozzle cross section area is, in accordance to EN 12101-2, 10 m/s (= 36 km/h or wind force 5 of the Beaufort scale).


Figure below:
side view and top view of the test rig for the determination of the aerodynamic free area of NSHEV according to EN 12101-2.