Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies

"Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies" Edited by Axel von Starck, Alfred Mühlbauer, Carl Kramer
Fundamentals - Processes - Components - Safety 

Published 2005 by Vulkan Verlag, Essen
German Edition of "Praxishandbuch Thermoprozesstechnik", Band 1 & 2

The Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies describes its topics in two parts (two volumes in the original German Edition) over 7 main topics that contain up to 88 main chapters each:


Part I   Fundamentals

A     Heating processes

• Some fundamentals of thermodynamics 
• Energy flux in the furnace
• Heat transfer 
• Heat conduction 
• Heating with small Biot number or Sparrow index 

B     Thermoprocesses with gas circulation

• Thermal processing with gas circulation
• Thermal processing plants with gas circulation considered as a flow circuit
• Some fundamentals of fluid mechanics 
• Design of flow ducts in thermal processing plants with gas circulation 
• Gas flow and heat transfer 
• Fans 
• Fast cooling systems by gas circulation 
• Fast cooling by water spray nozzles

C     Thermoprocesses with heat from electric energy

• Resistance and infrared heating 
• Induction heating and melting 
• Dielectric heating 
• Electric arc furnaces 
• Plasma processing for diffusion treatment and coating at low pressures
• Laser beam heating 
• Electron beam heating


Part II   Processes - Componentes - Safety

A     Melting and casting of metals

• Particular process fundamentals
• Melting procedures and casting processes for steel
• Melting processes for iron casting
• Melting processes for non-ferrous metals
• Melting processes for special alloys

B     Heating and heat treatment

• Particular process fundamentals
• Heating
• Heat treatment
• Thermoprocesses for surface technology

C     Construction elements and plant components

• Design principles for thermoprocessing equipment
• Refractory and heat insulation materials
• Refractory design
• Metallic alloys for high temperatures
• Electrical resistance heating elements and electrodes for arc furnaces
• Industrial burners
• Protective gas and reaction gas plants

D     Safety of thermoprocessing equipment

• Safety of equipment with the use of inflammable protective gases
• Explosions protection in thermal process equipment
• Standards adn statutory regulations


ISBN 3-8027-2933-1; 848 Seiten

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carl Kramer is the predecessor of Prof. Gerhardt at the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen and both worked together with Prof. Grundmann at the I.F.I. Institute for Industry Aerodynamics and within the Ingenieurgemeinschaft WSP (Wärmetechnik – Strömungstechnik – Prozesstechnik; i.e. heat technology, fluid mechanics, process technology). This collaboration was also the origin of the Ingenieurgesellschaft WSP GmbH, who is a reknowned constructor for industrial thermoprocessing plants and specialised heating and heat treatment equipment, e.g. for the bending of glas panes or special metallurgic processes.

In this book Part I, Block B is a co-production of Professor Kramer and Professor Grundmann.