Mobile Test Equipment

In addition to the stationary and in general specially adapted acoustic and fluid dynamic measurement equipment described elsewhere I.F.I. may provide divers mobile testing equipment to measure acoustic, thermal, and fluid dynamic properties. This equipment may be used by our engineers out of house at the client's specification.

I.F.I. will also consult clients by choosing or designing special measurement equipment. If commissioned I.F.I. will furthermore design and built specific test rigs and conduct the commissioning tests.

The volume flow necessary to establish a specified pressure or suction in a building or a room, being characteristic for a certain leakage, will be measured.

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Thermography photographs allow 2-dimensional contacless measurements of surface temperatures and are often used to analye heat flows either in building physics or in plant engineering.

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Dieses Gerät dient dem quantitativen Spurengasnachweis und wird für verschiedene Aufgaben der Analysetechnik genutzt.

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