Model Scale Test Rig for NSHEV

The aerodynamic free area of NSHEV has to be determined according to EN 12101-2 using full scale or model scale ventilators without and with simulated wind influence. The relevant test rigs for these measurements have been designed by I.F.I. A schematic of the test rig for model scale investigations (typical scales 1:5 through 1:10) is shown below.

The scale model of  the NSHEV is mounted on a turntable integrated in the ceiling of the specially designed settling chamber. Due to the settling chamber arrangement the flow from a large room, i. e. without wall disturbances, is simulated. The open jet of the Large I.F.I. Industrial Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel is used for side-wind simulation. To increase the wind speed a smaller nozzle is fitted to the large nozzle.