NSHEV Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators

I.F.I. is notified body for Testing, Inspection and Certification according to the
CPD (Construction Product Directive).

The I.F.I.-Testing laboratory offers the following tests of NSHEV for ITT (Initial Type Testing) in accordance with EN 12101-2:
   • Determination of the aerodynamic free area according to Annex B
   • Reliability test according to Annex C
   • Opening under load according to Annex D
   • Tests under wind load and resistance to wind-induced vibration according to Annex F

and in co-operation with partner laboratories:
   • Tests at low temperature according to Annex E
   • Tests under heat exposure according to Annex G

I.F.I.-Inspection body offers:
   • Initial inspection of the factory and of the FPC (Factory Production Control)
   • Continuous surveillance of the FPC

If a new product is placed on the market, it has to  be CE-marked. The I.F.I.-Certification body issues the mandatory CE Certificate of Conformity.